My Mother, Myself

Celebrating my mother today, Scottye Hall. A little bit June Cleaver, a little bit Betty Draper. I love this woman more than I can ever express in words and I’m so thankful that she still gives me her “mom-isms” that keep me on track.  From times when Paris is burning, her “Everything will be alright” answer, to if I’m hurt, cut, bleeding, it’s her classic “Just put some lotion on it.” When my mom sewed my clothes, they were always special pieces that I wore till threads. She respected my love of lace, tulle, floral prints, and twirly dresses. She always made me pretty. When my mom baked a cake, it was the most glorious and delicious creation. Everything was made from scratch and our kitchen always lingered in sugary, caramel aromas. I knew early on she had a direct line to Jesus because she could whip up a fantastic feast with a loaf and some fishes. My mom knew me well. She designed and created my bedroom with pink and white polka dots, a pink and white gingham skirted dressing table with an eyelet lace stool top made out of a pizza tin, and a whisky barrel that made my room smell deliciously oaky and sweet. She is a great designer and very creative. Somehow my mom taught me to be independent without stripping away the traditional values we live by. I love her so much. Things fly out of my mouth that sound just like her. When I bring this to her attention, my mom just rolls her eyes. I think she knows she did her job well. Our running joke that I ask her almost daily, “Am I good daughter?” She says, “YES, you are a WONDERFUL daughter! Am I a good mother?” I say, “YES, you are the BEST mommy, momma, mom, mother in the WORLD!” Then we both crack up laughing! She is my mother. She is me and I am her.

2 thoughts on “My Mother, Myself

  1. A wonderful tribute to my best friend.We were as sisters always together. A friend that I could never repay.Always there for each other, Bike rides together after dinner trying g to keep our girlish figures.Haha!
    My memories are as a field of forget-me-nots. Sometimes I will get to recalling a certain special day like Terri and Scott building a clubhouse in the back of our yard. Those hammers pounding nails all afternoon.. Wanting to charge their friends admission to enter their “Private Club”.. What’s a pair they were., I loved it!!!!! Merry Lee, Gayle Hicks Cheryl and Carol , the Hicks Twins. Sometimes the whole lot of neighborhoodi. kids were in our backyard. Church was a very important part of all our lives. Scotty and I along with Margaret .Made up the entertainment committee.I remember our Beef Stew and cornbread dinners for at least 100 people. Then I was usually one of the chaperones when we took trips with our youth crowd. And Roy driving the DeHaven Church Bus.. The kiddos would call him A.J.Foyt. Those were the best days of my entire life. We miss you Carla.Bonnie had to adjust to life without her best friend. We will never forget all our times together.I think that Scottye and I Raised four beautiful children who have all grown and become very responsible , fine Citizens. Love you much Carla. So sorry to have lost Scott.He was my only son like boy . Oh Scottie I love you and wish you good health.for the rest of our time on earth. sincerelyicerel. Mary Lou.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Great memories! I hope you are healthy and happy. I think fondly of the wonderful childhood we had. Thank you for reminding me of those wonderful dinners y’all made at the church. Those were so very amazing. You and mom did a lot of work for the church back then. DeHaven was truly a haven for us. I always think of our childhood and all the fun we had in the neighborhood. It went by way too fast. Take care and be well in this COVID crisis. Tell Bonnie I say hello. I’ve called her many times since she lost her husband but she doesn’t pick up the phone. I know she’s suffering. She’s in my thoughts and always in my heart.

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