About Carla Hall D’Ambra

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Wife, daughter, sister, aunt, belle-mere, advertising/PR pro, mother to Kewan Beebe and other son-shines who call her mom.  Bikes, hikes, boogie-boards, practices yoga,  bakes cakes, sings in the shower, dances with Spotify, and drives fast on curvy roads.  Enjoys fine dining, fashion, making the house a lovely home, reading good books, writing little stories, traveling and experiencing the exquisite flavors and cultures of this beautiful world.   Follows the Golden Rule and the loving teachings of Jesus Christ. Fights for children and senior citizens daily. Has a passion for making the world a kinder, softer, more loving and better place.  Loves her husband, her family, her friends, and this glorious gift called life.  She is thankful for it.

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