Garden of Love

Written for Carla Hall D’Ambra for Mother’s Day 2020 by Randall Taylor, poet

If flowers were a language
I’d tell you she speaks in daisies,
And sings in daffodils.

She dresses in roses,
And smiles in sunflowers.

Her eyes are oceans of determination
With powerful waves that refuse to let
me drown.

Her light shines like marigolds in the summer.
Her love spreads like the petals from a dandelion making wishes come true
whenever possible.

She dances in cherry blossoms throughout towns and cities
With her beautiful goldenrods
Flowing in the cool spring breeze like she’s in the fields
Of Kentucky all over again.

If flowers were a language
She could only be translated in love.
With thorns of strength,
And roots of hope,
I’m glad I was able to grow in the garden called Mom.

by Randall Taylor